5 reasons to visit Energylandia

Amusement parks are a popular form of entertainment. Some stand out from the rest and you can’t wait to visit them again. Poland’s most famous amusement park is Energylandia, which gets its name from its main attraction – a rollercoaster ride that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature. It includes loops and corkscrews plus other exciting features such as waterfalls and rushing rivers.

Quite a selection of attractions

energylandia-amusement-park/”>Energylandia Poland  guarantees plenty of attractions. After all, the Energylandia family amusement park is over 30 hectares of landscaped grounds with 70 different attractions suitable for guests of all ages. This fantastic amusement park has four unique themed zones: Fairytale Land, the Family Zone, the Extreme Zone, which includes thrilling rides such as rollercoasters and aerodynamic swing sets among others, the Water Park, where you can enjoy a boat ride on our magical lagoon. Plus, of course, we can’t forget the Family Zone, Landmark, Dragon’s Causeway, Games Lounge and Aqualantis.

Affordable price

With one ticket you can have access to all of Energylandia’s attractions. There are four themed zones in total, but you only need one ticket for each. This means unlimited rides on each machine and no restrictions on how many times you can stay inside the park in a day or week – a truly bargain worth enjoying.

Easy to get to

Energylandia is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a great location that’s halfway between Krakow and Katowice. Visitors come from all over Europe and also from other parts of Poland. The park offers beautiful scenery for you to enjoy on the rollercoasters. Several rollercoasters have been designed especially for this park. There’s plenty of other fun besides, there are water slides and thrill rides, so every age group will find something they’ll love.

Tasty food

The restaurant there offers all kinds of cuisine. Most importantly, each is delicious. From simple stir-fries to elegant restaurants, there are so many options here that you’ll never get bored with what they serve. You’ll definitely enjoy coming back here again and again. The food area has everything you need for an enjoyable meal – food ready when hunger strikes, hot coffee or tea just the way you like it – no matter if you want a sweet dessert or something more or less calorific. There is everything here!

Lots of accommodation options

The best thing about visiting Energylandia is that one day is not enough time to see everything. The accommodation here is reasonably priced and offers a variety of options for visitors with different budgets. It really is worth staying here longer than planned.

I’m sure you’ll find many more reasons why this place will make your heart beat long after you’ve returned home and you won’t forget it for a long time.

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