Every Little Thing You Have To Know Earlier Than You Come To Slovenia

Hungarian is among the most difficult languages for different Europeans to study, as it originates from a different language household and is said to Finnish and Estonian. There are 5 million Hungarian audio system living outdoors Hungary in neighbouring nations corresponding to southwest Ukraine, Romania , northern Serbia, jap Austria and central and southern Slovakia. German has the biggest variety of native audio system within the region and acts as the only “official” language of Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein. In Switzerland, German is the mother tongue of 2/3 of the population and the dominant language of the 4 official Swiss languages (German, French, Italian & Romansh). There is a small German talking minority to be present in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. It can be spoken outside Central Europe in japanese Belgium and France, and northern Italy (mainly in the region of South Tyrol/Alto Adige).

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In the Swiss Canton of Graubünden or Grison, Romansh is spoken as a regional language. Almost all Romansh speakers speak both Swiss German and/or Italian as properly. It is intently associated to Ladino which is spoken in a couple of mountain valleys of northern Italy and is another endangered regional language.

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