Fun places to visit in Amsterdam

When a person visits Amsterdam for the first time and searches the Internet for information about this city, the first thing they notice is that it has a lot of museums. With over 50 museums, places like the Moco Museum usually stand out in many people’s queries. But, what can you do after visiting these museums? This artistic city offers options not only related to artistic expression but also to music, gastronomy, fashion, and even the human body. Once you admire the art of artists like Mark Rothko, you can visit spaces like Our House, the first electronic music museum in the world, in which you will not only enjoy a sound and light show but can also create music that will make the lights move to the rhythm of your melodies.

Unique experiences that only happen in Amsterdam

People have a lot of fun in Amsterdam. However, one thing visitors are always interested in is discovering spaces that can only be found in Amsterdam. One of these is the Keukenhof, a place where tulip lovers can enjoy a landscape full of colors. Do you like beer? Amsterdam is well known for its craft beer distilleries with flavors you can only enjoy in this city. In fact, the Heineken brand has its headquarters in this city, and they offer a VIP exhibition where you can taste their exclusive beers. Do you like Instagram? “The Upside Down” is the biggest Instagram museum in Europe where you can find a variety of spaces to enjoy with family and friends. The museum gives you a QR code you can use to access all the pictures taken inside this museum.

Find what you are looking for on the Internet

Deciding on one place or another can be difficult, especially when you don’t know all the options available to visit in this city. Websites like Tripadvisor and Tiqets can help you decide centered on your preferences. From the comfort of your home, find out times, ticket costs, and dates of special events. These events happen only a few times a year, so plan your visit in advance to experience them. Although Amsterdam is a large city, it is well mapped out so you can visit several places during the day, walking to each one. If you need to go further afield, you can rent a bicycle. Did you know that in this city there are 7 bicycles for every inhabitant? It is the city with the most bikes in the world compared to the number of citizens.

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