High 5 Spas 2021

Cabanas, pavilions and villas all provide non-public swimming pools with stunning views and fragrant gardens, while speedboats await at the seaside to zip between nearby islands. While most individuals flock to Iceland orTromso in winter, there is an abundance of wonderful Arctic destinations in Europe that you can go to without the crowds. Located north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland, Abisko is a small mountain city adjacent to Abisko National Park, about a one hour practice from Kiruna. The world’s most northerly capital city is a magical place in the colder, darker months. The central Tjörnin lake freezes over, the buildings are dusted with snow , and the city’s Christmas lights stay on until early spring, giving in all places a fairytale feel. This is the right winter destination in Europe for any kind of traveller – whether or not you’re looking for an ambling railway journey via majestic mountains, a city break, or a winter sports escape.

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