Holidays in Santorini

The idyllic harmony of Santorini, with its aerial white dwellings descending in stairs to the shoreline! That’s what Heaven on Earth could look like, if it was painted by an artist.

The island’s crescent shape and volcanic composition of its soil is all what reminds me of Heaven, with the breathtaking volcanic eruption which took place 3.5 thousand years ago. This gives thrilling shivers to many modern tourists striding this centuries-old land which almost breathes with unique history of this island.

Remnants of the old Minoan city may be examined at the Akrotiri cape. The Prophet Elias Monastery and the Agios Nikolaos Monastery make another beautiful addition to the list of memorable places of local sightseeing.

History lovers are surely not the only ones to enjoy a pleasant stay in this modern paradise where heavenly light architecture resides together with the reminder of the old cataclysm – black volcanic sands of local beaches bathing in crystal clear waters of the lagoon. A safe harbor from stormy waters, it provides comfortable and enjoyable recreational activity for numerous surfers and divers coming here for summer vacation. 

Maybe it is time to think of renting one of the Santorini Villas for the next holidays?

Why Staying in Villas?

  1. It’s hard to imagine a better place to spend a honeymoon with beloved ones than in a welcoming space of villas for exactly two persons. Peaceful tranquility of local vegetation will make an exquisite stay for a loving couple.

  2. Travelling with a wife/husband and kids, or maybe with a large group of friends? Villas in Santorini provide enough space for accommodation for everyone.

  3. Seclusion is the perfect choice, but amid global pandemic this also makes Santorini villas a better alternative to modern but crowded hotels.

  4. Private infinity heated swimming pools are excellent for lovers of relaxing sun tanning. Mirror-like surface of their waters which reflects thousands of stars makes a supernatural experience out of the night bathing, almost like immersion to the deep warm Space.

  5. Feeling hungry or thirsty? Fresh cocktails at the sun heat and delicious local meals may be cooked at your own kitchen or served by the personnel team.     

  6. Luxury furnishing and interior decoration will satisfy even the pickiest tastes.

  7. Astonishing view at the sea and all the surroundings opens from the ridge around the caldera – heritage of the old volcanic eruption.  

  8. There are many kids and pet friendly villas! So you can bring the whole family with you for as long as you wish.

  9. Our concierge will be available around the clock to book amazing experiences for you. Whether you opt for a cozy dinner inside or a barhop downtown.

We all need to escape from the bustle and hustle of our daily routine. Why do go in this breathtaking island which can offer you all you wish for a beautiful, luxurious vacation of a lifetime! Stay in or go out, these unique villas are waiting for you.

Santorini and the Aegean Sea are ready to welcome you as their honored guests!

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