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This is a winter competition the place you can do all kinds of indoor and out of doors winter actions, similar to ice skating. December can also be the time of meals festivals and festivals for youngsters. Events just like the Light Festival at Jardin des Plantes, the Festival du Merveilleux on the Musée des Arts Forains, or the Disney Christmas Festival are always pleasant. Wintertime in Paris begins with the Christmas markets and decorations. Places not to miss in Paris in December are the Tuileries Christmas Market, the Eiffel Tower Christmas Market, and the large ice skating rink under the dome of the Grand Palais. If you visit in December, you can also get a hot drink at the Christmas market.

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Italy is a trove of historic treasures – from the Colosseum in the eternal city, Rome, to Milan’s hovering Gothic Duomo cathedral. From the top of the Leaning Tower, Pisa’s cityscape unfolds, and art-lovers can search for their favorite Renaissance paintings in Florence. Drink in Italy’s seductive natural magnificence – from the dramatic seascape of the Amalfi Coast and verdant olive groves of Tuscany, to Sardinia’s awe-inspiring gorges and pristine beaches.

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Eat the delicious contemporary seafood at one of many seafront eating places in Adams. Visit the ancient Plaka for some unbelievable panoramic views of the whole island and to study more about Milos’ heritage. For the history lovers, there’s Plaka Castle and the Archaeological Museum. Check out the standard fishing village of Klima, and for beachgoers, there’s Serakiniko beach with a moon-like panorama. In November the weather in Porto continues to be comparatively mild with a mean temperature of 17oC or 63oF.

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