Your 1st Solo Backpacking Trip

All i wanted a little push…..after reading these posts, i’ll journey as if i don’t care….. With thoughts filled with surprises, heart filled with joy and head bowed down in devotion, I visited the temple and provided my prayers there. After that I forgot concerning the mountains, the peaks, the snow and the Kashmir Valley. I returned to Delhi and narrated the complete journey to my friends. Getting a Prasad of Maa Vaishno Devi Temple was a pleasant shock for everyone.

Do I Need A Different Visa To Volunteer?

But combining a private journey with volunteering can be problematic. If you’ve been pondering that East Africa isn’t protected for solo vacationers – it’s time to pop that bubble of myth! And when you wish to spend some quality time with orphaned elephant calves whereas feeding them milk and operating around with them then you gotta go for Kenya! Where else on the Earth will you get a better opportunity to satisfy the BIG 5 aside from Kenya!

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