5 Ways To Make Your Philadelphia-Based Trips Easier

If you’re looking for a lesson in history or the best tax-free shopping ever, you’ll love traveling to Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a popular city with visitors because of its museums, murals and endless culinary delights. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, here are five ways to make your trip to the City of Brotherly Love easy and enjoyable.

1. Revisit a Hotel You Love

For those that philadelphia“>visit Philadelphia regularly, find a hotel you love and stick with it. Nothing causes anxiety like not knowing if your lodging will be comfortable or conveniently located. By staying at the same establishment or chain, you can earn special discounts for future travel. You’ll also form relationships with hotel employees, and that’s like having personal friends right in Philadelphia.

2. Park Worry-Free

Many travelers fly into Philadelphia, so it’s convenient to have a robust offsite airport parking spot you can rely on. Finding a place to park at the airport can be a hassle, especially during the holidays, and who wants to walk across a huge parking lot when it’s dark or raining? With offsite parking, you’ll always have a spot and a convenient shuttle to drop you off at your terminal’s front door.

3. Travel Early in the Day

When traveling to Philadelphia, leaving early makes for a better overall experience. If you’re driving, get on the road before rush hour. When flying, early morning flights are less likely to be canceled and many times they cost less. Even though it means rising before dawn, air traffic is light in the morning meaning on-time departures.

4. Get TSA PreCheck

One of the worst parts of traveling is going through security checkpoints. Lines can grow long quickly, especially if you’re traveling during peak season. All of this can be avoided by signing up for TSA PreCheck. PreCheck allows you access to a special line where you’ll no longer be required to remove your shoes, jacket or laptop from your bag.

5. Earn Travel Rewards

You can earn free travel to Philadelphia or anywhere by racking up points with travel-themed credit cards. Use your card to buy things you already need every month, such as groceries and utilities. Then, pay it off each billing period and you’ll be flying for free before you know it.

Whether you’re traveling for work or for fun, Philadelphia is a terrific destination. By reserving offsite parking, traveling early and using rewards, you’ll have the best trip ever!

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